Faith Matters Launches Developing Diversity App

Faith Matters, a not-for-profit inter-faith organisation working towards conflict resolution and cohesion with faith communities in the UK and the Middle East, has launched Developing Diversity, an iPhone and iPad app which lists the top 100 mosques for providing services to Muslim women.

The app was produced to show examples of good practice in relation to the involvement of women in mosques. Over 100 Muslim women took part in focus group interviews in UK towns and cities that fed into the development of the app. Consultation with 480 mosques in England around five key areas of core service delivery took place to identify the top 100 mosques.

The key areas that women wanted to see within mosques included a separate prayer space for women; services and activities geared towards women (i.e. childcare and/or women’s training; an Imam or femal scholar accessible to women; the inclusion of women in decision making; and women holding office on mosque committees.

The guide is intended to be used by other mosques who want to develop more inclusive and accessible services for all their visitors, and provides contact information for 100 mosques, as well as a summary of their good practice.

The app costs £1.19 and is available to download via iTunes.