Faithless Shows Faith in Shazam

Dance legends Faithless are partnering with mobile discovery provider Shazam to promote their UK tour and their new album, The Dance, on TV ads across the UK.

Starting this week, Faithless TV ads featuring the Shazam logo will be aired on prime-time television slots on channels including Sky1, Fiver and Five USA. Faithless fans with the Shazam App on their mobile phone will be able to tag the Faithless track, Feelin Good, that forms the soundtrack to the ad. Shazam will then match the music from its database of over 8m tracks and deliver the Faithless track and album cover, offering ‘Shazamers’ links to buy the music, and tickets to the gig, instantaneously from their mobile.

The Faithless ad will play during the ad breaks in between shows such as Ghost Rider, House, CSI Miami and the feature film Layer Cake. The Shazam logo will be embedded into the ad so that users can tag at any point during the broadcast to get their Faithless tag result to the new album. Additional features, including Faithless tour information and YouTube videos, will also be available through the Shazam app.

“Faithless are at the forefront of dance music, and constantly innovating with each album they make, so partnering with Shazam to promote the new album and tour taps into our fans’ use of new technology and gives them a quick and simple way to discover more about the band,” says Brian Message from the band’s management firm, ATC Management. “We think Faithless fans will leap at the chance to ‘Shazam’ the track playing in the new advert and link directly to our new music and UK tour info. Millions of Shazamers out there are tagging tracks every day, now, for the first time in the UK, they can Shazam a TV ad.” 

This UK-initiative comes on the back of ‘Shazamble’ advertising and programming in the US. Shazam worked with Levis brand Dockers to promote its Wear the Pants campaign shown in Super Bowl ad breaks and with NBC Universal network, Syfy. Viewers who ‘Shazamed’ the programmes had special content delivered to their mobiles and were entered into a sweepstakes to win prizes.