Famepick launches to help content creators tie up with brands

David Murphy

Influencer and creator platform FamePick has announced its public launch, after a three-month beta and a $4.6m Series A funding round.

The funding round was led by InterVest, with Mirae Asset Venture, Aju IB Investment, and DVP also participating, along with several private investors.

The platform aims to help creators raise their profile with brands. Its offering includes a custom, automated media kit that includes audience reach and detailed demographics, rates, top-performing content, and recent brand deals. The kit is updated in real-time and every creator on the platform receives a custom URL to place in bios, email signatures and send directly to brands.

The platform also acts as a resource centre, offering advice on deal negotiations, profit margins, protecting image rights and more. It has a blog series on the real-life struggles creators face daily and hosts in-person events in key markets to bring experienced influencers together with novices as part of a mentorship program.

“Currently, the marketplace is filled with brand-to-influencer products that focus on the needs of the brands,” said FamePick CEO and co-founder, Henry Oh. “These brands are armed with all the data, but creators aren’t given the same access. We’re focused on the business needs of creators. At a time when Instagram is removing ‘Likes’ and the ‘Following’ tab, it’s more important than ever creators are given a level playing field.”

For the past three months, FamePick has been beta testing with 2,000 micro and macro-influencers who have helped build the platform specifically from the creators’ perspective. The company said that by using its custom media kit links, the beta group secured better brand partnership deals and had an easier time managing their workload. The average creator received 100 unique clicks from brands in just two weeks, with some receiving upwards of 400.

“As Tik Tok influencers, we’re new to the world of brand deals and it’s easy to lose control quickly,” said Scott of drag queen duo Minnie and Tink, and one of FamePick’s beta-testers. “It’s important to remain authentic and source partnerships with like-minded brands. FamePick will save us hours of wasted time managing our inbound requests and vetting brands. We’ve taken our customized link, sent it directly to brands we want to work with and placed it in our Instagram bio. It’s so easy.”

Other platform functionality includes authenticity checking; filtering, assessing and managing interactions; multi-party chat; file sharing; project management milestones; and invoicing and payments.