FancyFon Announces PlayBook Support

FancyFon, which offers mobile device management solutions that enable organizations to securely and centrally manage multiple smartphones and tablet devices over the air, has announced support for RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as the device goes on sale in the US.

FancyFon has developed a remote access console for the PlayBook, allowing administrators to manage their fleet of smartphone and tablet devices directly from the PlayBook, via remote access, without the need for a desktop or laptop. The console is incorporated into FancyFon Mobility Center (FAMOC), the company’s mobile device lifecycle management platform that enables customers to centrally manage their fleet of smartphone and tablet devices – based on multiple mobile platforms – in real time, over the air.

FancyFon is a BlackBerry Alliance Select member, enjoying a dynamic collaborative relationship with RIM, and already provides full support for RIM’s corporate BES and private BIS users. The company says the launch of PlayBook support  will improve organizations’ ability to rapidly respond to change. Administrators will be able to troubleshoot end user issues on the go, without the need to be at the office or in front of a laptop; speeding time to resolution.

The console will be available for download, from BlackBerry App World, shortly. The tablet is powered by QNX technology; the BlackBerry tablet operating system. FancyFon will offer device management support for the tablet OS in Q3 2011.

“We foresee the RIM tablet being popular in the business sector, as it will appeal to the well established BlackBerry market,” says FancyFon CEO, Bartosz Leoszewski. “Therefore, going forward, it is critical for FancyFon’s business customers to be able to use their PlayBooks as a way of having remote access to our mobile device lifecycle solutions; enabling them to manage their company’s fleet of smartphones and tablets, centrally, over the air.” 

Separately, FancyFon has revealed that it has been positioned by Gartner in the Niche Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2011. The Magic Quadrant evaluates the mobile device management (MDM) market at a time when smartphones proliferate in the enterprise, and companies are struggling to manage policy, security and support. The report explains that MDM is a nascent market, and vendors offerings have little consistency. Worldwide, there are more than 60 companies in this space; of these, 23 met Gartners inclusion criteria.