Fandango now lets moviegoers buy movie tickets through Instagram

Fandango InstagramMovie ticketing platform Fandango has introduced a ticketing integration on Instagram, making it easier for moviegoers to buy cinema tickets.

The ‘Buy Tickets’ button has been added to Fandango’s profile on the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing social app – providing users with quicker access to the ticket buying section of Fandango’s mobile webpage. This button joins the ‘Shop’ button which gives people access to movie merchandise and ticketing offers.

Fandango’s ticketing option will also roll out on movie-specific Instagram pages in the coming weeks.

“As millions of movie fans have gravitated to social media platforms to discover, share and engage with their favourite movie content, Fandango has been essential to that experience, offering ticketing capabilities and access to the most comprehensive network of US theatres,” said Paul Yanover, president at Fandango. “We’re very excited to integrate ticketing into our Fandango Instagram, and look forward to working with our studio partners to help transform consumer passion into advance ticket purchases.”