Fandango Ushers in 1,400 mTicket Venues

Cinema tickets service Fandango has introduced mTickets at more than 1,400 additional screens across the country, just as the summer blockbuster season gets rolling. 23 per cent of the companys ticket sales are currently driven by mobile transactions, helping push an overall 127 per cent growth in sales for Fandango.

“This extremely popular paperless product is the latest in a line of innovations which have enabled fans to purchase tickets anytime and anywhere on any device,” said Rick Butler, EVP and general manager of Fandango. “As movie-goers head to theaters for the highly anticipated release of The Avengers next week, were sure that this Fandango convenience will play a key role in facilitating and driving ticket sales with film fans.”

The expansion is Fandangos widest roll out for paperless tickets yet, adding 1,300 Cinemark screens and 100 Regency Theatres screens to the previous 1,200.