Fast-growth Vine Video App Comes to Android

Despite the somewhat questionable need for a six-second video shorts app, Twitter’s Vine has become one of the most successful, and creative, social networks launched on mobile and has finally made its way to Android.

Vine has racked up 13m iOS users in just five months – it took Instagram nearly a year to pass 10m, although it was a grassroots movement – so smashing 100m in fewer than two years will almost certainly be the company’s big goal.

The app is available from Google Play for handsets running 4.0 or above, and currently unique to the Android app is the ability to zoom in on your subject. Otherwise, it’s the simple tap-and-hold format for making videos that Vine users on iOS are used to, along with popular and trending topics to explore like the #loop and #selfie.

The two platforms are not quite comparable yet – Android is missing support for the front-facing camera, search, mentions, hashtags and Facebook sharing – but these, along with any bug fixes, are on the way. The company has promised ‘exciting plans for features that could exist only on Android’ – anything that changes the defaults settings, like keyboard, could be up for grabs here.

Although Twitter declined to comment, this fast pace of change will no doubt need to be supported at some point with dreaded monetisation for the as-yet free platform. This could come in the form of sponsored posts à la Twitter or perhaps even sponsored accounts, which Yahoo has talked about doing with its recent acquisition of Tumblr.