FatFace boosts online conversions by deploying new social proof tech

  • Monday, October 3rd, 2022
  • Author: Tim Green
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British clothing brand FatFace says it upped its conversion rate by 1.71 per cent in just 10 days by integrating user-generated content into its social proof messaging.

It teamed up with two specialists, Bazaarvoice and Taggstar, to help shoppers more easily understand review ratings and social proof data in a single glance. The solution highlighted the percentage of people that recommended an item and the number of people that rated an item five stars on their product description pages.

According to FatFace, this resulted in an additional 1.71 per cent conversion rate uplift in just 10 days.

The tech works as follows: Taggstar leverages the Bazaarvoice API to aggregate authentic review content into a form that can be displayed as a social proof message balloon, along with Taggstar’s real-time messages including audience, order volume, and trending products. This allows shoppers to make confident decisions when shopping online.

“Our customer product reviews provide shoppers with the confidence they need to make a purchase” said Liam Price, Head of Digital at FatFace. “Reviews reinforce our great customer ratings and product quality, working with Taggstar allows us to bring this important part of the purchase consideration forward in the customer journey.

Marjorie Leonidas, CEO of Taggstar, added: “This enables shoppers to easily understand not only what is popular, trending, and selling fast in real time, but also combines user-generated content from previous purchasers. This leads to better customer loyalty and satisfaction and lower returns.”