Fatsoma Rolls Out Mobile Ticket Scanning App

  • Thursday, September 11th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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fatsomaSocial ticketing platform Fatsoma has released a mobile app aimed at speeding up and tracking ticket processing at events that makes us of the Scandit mobile barcode scanning tool.

The app enables event door staff to process higher numbers of attendees quickly, and track attendance numbers and event metrics. Enabled by the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, a platform developed specifically for mobile and wearable devices, the app is being made available following research amongst Fatsomas event promotion customers.

Traditionally, barcode scanning aimed at streamline event entry has required dedicated scanning hardware, but with the ubiquity of smartphones, combined with Fatsomas eTicketing ecosystem and the Scandit SDK, a low maintenance, economical and efficient solution is now available.

“Promoters are always looking for the best ways to streamline entry to events,” said Chris Pearson, co-founder of Fatsoma. “Because our online platform is primarily aimed at students and young people, the events they attend often attract large numbers, and this presents a challenge for promoters and organisers. Our smartphone-based app is designed to provide a better experience for both the promoter and the attendee.

“Promoters can get real-time updates on how the door is performing and keep track of how many people are in or out of the venue at a given time. If people forget their tickets, door staff can search for customers orders using the app and allow them to enter. These large events can gave several entry points and scanners, so the Fatsoma app ensures all the devices remain in sync to guard against ticket re-use. At one event earlier this summer, one of our event promotion customers processed 600 attendees in just one hour.”