‘Felix – It’s Great To Be A Cat’ campaign leverages consumer engagement with audio

Pet food brand Felix has launched a marketing campaign entitled ‘Felix – It’s Great To Be A Cat’ that leverages consumer engagement with audio.

The campaign celebrates the special bond between pets and their owners and heroes lovable mischief and real cat behaviour, famed by the brand’s iconic, animated cat. The new campaign is backed by a £3.7m spend and will reach an estimated 30m+ households through a cross-channel media campaign, encompassing TV and VOD, radio, social and shopper.

To further drive engagement, consumers will be given the chance to participate in a Felix-inspired challenge and playful AR game later in the year. Felix is also releasing limited-edition pack designs for its two best-selling SKUs, which will encourage shoppers to play with the AR game

“The launch of Felix – It’s Great To Be A Cat is an exciting move for the brand as we capitalise on the medium of sound as a powerful way of connecting with cat owners,” said Rebecca Marshall, Nestlé Purina Felix Senior Brand Manager. “We’ve already built an incredibly strong visual for the brand through animation, but now it’s time to incorporate audio and enhance this even further. With so much going on in the world today, it’s important to enjoy moments of light-heartedness – starting with the little things cats do that make us smile.”