FERONA launches augmented reality virtual try-on for couture collection

FERONA has partnered with Poplar Studio to launch an AR visualisation experience for their couture collection.

The collaboration will enable customers who visit the new FERONA website to participate in the visualisation of bespoke pieces in 3D, as well as the option to virtually try them on using AR technology.

The AR visualisation experience, which will be available for desktop and mobile devices, will be integrated with a custom tool that allows customers to codesign a wide range of outfit combinations. After designing their outfit, users will be able to visualise it in 3D and AR, powered by WebAR body tracking technology from Geenee, a WebAR company which has created the world’s first web-based body tracking SDK enabling virtual clothing try-on.

After opening the 3D visualisation feature, mobile users will be able to click a ‘View in AR’ option to activate the virtual try-on, with a QR code directing desktop users to the AR experience.

This development comes following a previous FERONA dress campaign during Fashion Week, which showcased a 3D model of the ‘Yellow Sand Fireworks’ dress using Poplar Studio’s 3D/AR solution, and a Snapchat lens that enables users to try on the dress.

Jennifer Onah, Founder and Creative Director of FERONA said: “3D modelling, virtual try on, shape, fit and size is a huge area in fashion right now but the industry is generally very slow to adopt where new technologies are concerned. However, judging from our initial Snapchat lens of the Fireworks dress, which received 500,000 views, people are clearly interested in using 3D product visualisation and AR technologies to try on clothing virtually. We are listening to what consumers are telling us and we want to be able to build something that will empower the next generation of fashion buyers when shopping for clothing online. We are reimagining couture and luxury e-commerce to be more collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable for consumers.”