Field Agent Launches Crowdsourced Data Collection App

Field Agent (UK) has launched “The App that Pays”, a data collection iPhone app its creators say is set to revolutionise both the traditional field marketing industry, and all sectors that need or use data.

Field Agent embraces the crowdsourcing concept; instead of clients deploying a dedicated field marketing team, information is gathered by people who are already in the area and have been given a time limit to complete the task. This means clients can get accurate data from across the UK faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Users (aka Agents) benefit too: anyone with an iPhone can download the app for free, carry out a task or answer survey questions to earn a minimum of £2 and then ‘cash out’ via PayPal as soon as the job is accurately completed.

Field Agent has a simple web interface for clients to add jobs. Clients can currently ask seven types of questions: yes/no; free form; price check; count; multiple choice; five-point scale; and photo request, and there is no limit to the number of questions that can be asked. Agents receive nearby Job information based on their location via the app. Job pricing, timescales and detailed task information are provided and the Agent gets paid via PayPal on accurate completion of the Job. There is no minimum order, no contract and clients only pay for accurately completed jobs.

“Collecting data, whatever your needs, has never been easier, simpler or more cost-effective,” says Field Agent UK managing director, Steve Weston. “The possibilities for Field Agent are endless – from market research, data audits and collection to compliance checking, opinion polls and surveys. Every company and agency from every industry can benefit from it.”

The UK launch is the first of a planned roll out to major European markets. Field Agent Europe is seeking country managers in all major Euro-zone markets to launch the Field Agent service and app over the next two years.