Fight For Your Mobile Rights!

Fed up with 24-month mobile subscription contracts, rip-off ‘customer care’ premium numbers and glitches in connectivity? Join the rest of the world, according to a new survey launched by mobile internet connectivity company, Tweakker.

Polling 500 mobile users across five continents, the survey recorded 92 per cent of respondents in favour of more freedom to change both their phone and provider at any given time, and 91 per cent in favour of scrapping overly long subscription contract periods and difficult to understand subscription plans. While some of the responses fall squarely into the ‘stating the obvious’ category, with 92 per cent of users wanting to be “treated equally irrespective of origin or language” (you have to wonder about the other 8 per cent), Tweakker claims that the survey will help network operators to consider the changing needs of their customers, and perhaps even go some way towards establishing a framework for what the company dubs ‘mobile rights’.

Dennis Juul Poulsen, business director, Tweakker, says: “This snap survey brings to light many customer-centric issues facing the industry which we believe network operators should address in the short term. Clearly, mobile users want the freedom to take their business where and when they wish if they are not getting the service they expect, and to have free anytime/anywhere customer care as part of their contract.”

Operators, over to you…