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Fiksu Brings FreeMyApps to Android

Alex Spencer

Fiksu is bringing its app discovery platform, FreeMyApps, to Android with the launch of its beta version. FreeMyApps rewards its users with gift cards for exploring and sharing its range of free apps.

Since it launched as a web app for iOS in December last year, the platform has seen 1,000 per cent growth, with more than 750,000 monthly active users downloading apps through the service.

“The FreeMyApps mobile web app for iOS has become an invaluable service for acquiring new users, and publishers have been clamouring to have the same successful platform built out to serve their consumer acquisition efforts on Android,” said Micah Adler, CEO and founder of Fiksu. “Leveraging the buying power of the Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform and its unique machine learning algorithms, FreeMyApps is poised for success by helping developers target, convert and engage long-term value FreeMyApps users.”

FreeMyApps is expected to come out of beta by the end of the year, with an enhanced version of the platform to following in Q1, 2013, which Fiksu says will focus on deeper and repeat engagement.