Fiksu Launches FreeMyApps

Fiksu has launched FreeMyApps, a solution to help developers in the US to market their paid iOS apps. FreeMyApps offers consumers with iOS devices free access to a growing selection of full-version paid apps in exchange for trying free apps. By downloading free, sponsored apps, users earn credits that can be redeemed against paid apps. 

FreeMyApps is designed to help paid app developers and marketers overcome the challenge of cost-effectively driving download volume and profitable revenue growth of paid apps. Utilising a Traffic Enrichment Layer, FreeMyApps drives conversion rates and volumes of app downloads.

“FreeMyApps was incubated in Fiksu Research Labs because our clients and the app development community have been searching for a viable alternative for marketing their paid apps,” says Fiksu CEO, Micah Adler. “With FreeMyApps, it’s a win for everyone – paid app developers can be profitable at scale without switching to a free or freemium model, free app developers can expand their reach and consumers can get paid apps for free.”