Fiksu Launches Mobile Audience Platform

David Murphy

Adler: “Mobile should be at the centre of how all brands engage with their consumers”

Adler: “Mobile should be at the centre of how all brands engage with their consumers”

Fiksu has launched the Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform, designed to identify and engage precise audiences throughout the customer journey.

The platform uses dynamic segmentation tools to enable advertisers to create and reach valuable target audiences, at scale, across the mobile ecosystem. It aggregates information from multiple sources, including its own collection of mobile-native data; clients’ first-party data about existing customers and prospects; and third-party data from a number of providers. With the data in one place, the platform continually refreshes and turns out segmentation suggestions to deliver more valuable, actionable audiences.

The Fiksu data comes from real user behaviours on over 2.6bn mobile devices. This provides the core of the platform: Fiksu Mobile Personas, a collection of 250 unique advertising personas, or pre-defined sets of users with similar mobile behaviour patterns. These personas contain anywhere from 1m to 50m users, with an average of 23m. Fiksu Mobile Personas are comprised of commonly sought after groups of consumers including Millennials, frequent mobile shoppers, travellers and mobile casino players.

“Audience is the hinge of any advertising campaign in any media, from TV to digital,” said Scott Denne, research analyst at 451 Research. “On mobile devices, however, audience is more than just a proxy for promising customer prospects. The integral role that mobile devices play in our daily lives has enabled marketers to deliver relevant messages to large numbers of customers. The improvements we are seeing in audience segmenting and targeting technologies are bringing marketers closer than ever to the adage ‘right audience, right message, right time.’”

Fiksu said that its access to both the advertising and measurement APIs on Facebook and Twitter, along with programmatic access to Google, Yahoo!, and leading RTB exchanges like MoPub, Ad-X, Rubicon and more, ensures advertisers can reach audiences wherever they are. That reach also allows for reduced costs by targeting consumers on the most cost-effective channels first, while maximizing volume over the long run.
“In our initial roll-out of mobile ad campaigns with Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform, we were incredibly impressed with the value delivered from the very specific audiences we targeted,” said Peter Knudson, senior product manager at Activision. “It’s clear that Fiksu understands and can help us grow our mobile games portfolio in both scale and quality of players.”

“Mobile should be at the centre of how all brands engage with their consumers,” said Fiksu founder and CEO, Micah Adler. “Advertisers realize that mobile data allows a deeper, more scalable type of tailored messaging than has ever been possible. A solution like our mobile audience platform allows them to elevate their marketing strategy and address the entire customer journey.”