Financial Times Redesigns Web App

The Financial Times (FT) has redesigned its HTML5 web app, rolling out to iPad initially with optimisation for other devices promised in the coming months.

The redesign enables users to switch between a choice between two versions of the site – Live Edition, an automatically-updating version similar to the website, or Morning Edition, essentially a virtual version of the day’s newspaper, intended to bring finishability.

“Creating an app that replicates the FT newspaper morning edition, but is built entirely from web technologies, was a challenging journey,” said FT Labs director, Rob Shilston. “We’re continuing to push the bounds of HTML5, benefitting from the better tools and coding patterns that are emerging.”

The updated app has also introduced My FT, a personalised section of news based on the users clippings, portfolio, and reading history.

The redesign widens the FTs mobile advertising proposition, by making ads  available on all article pages, as well as full page interstitial ads between article and section pages.

The FT dropped its native iOS app in favour of a HTML5 web app around a year ago.

Mobile accounts for a third of traffic to the FT site, and 15 per cent of digital subscriptions.

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