Financie secures $2.7m for development of “dream-sharing” social network

Financie, which operates the FiNANCiE  social networking service, has raised JPY300m ($2.7m/£2m) from an investor group led by B DASH Ventures, and also including gumi Cryptos, D4V, KSK Angel Fund and others. Keisuke Honda, who runs KSK Angel Fund, and Aya Miyaguchi from the Ethereum Foundation, have taken on advisor roles with the service.

The funds will be used for the continued development of the FiNANCiE app – the beta version launched on 7 March this year – with a view to launch a full-scale marketing campaign in Japan and plans for the release of a global version before the end of the year.

When FiNANCiE was created, founder Hironao Kunimitsu (founder and CEO of gumi Inc) and team members envisioned a new type of social network that allows people to trade personal skills and talents with value. Together with strong investor partners, the company aims to keep improving the product and focus on implementation to create a society where young people’s dreams and challenges get supported.

FiNANCiE describes itself as “a dream-sharing service, where your dreams become shared assets of everyone. It is a community where people who have dreams (heroes) and people who support them (fans) meet and work together to realize the dreams.

Heroes can issue and trade cards. Fans can own hero cards and support the heroes’ various dreams through the community. Whether you are a supporter, or you get supported by someone else, dreams are common assets that flourish together. This is a completely new service in the so-call fan-economy era.”

Honda said: “We expect FiNANCiE to become the next-generation social networking service, and this is why we’ve invested in Financie Inc. There are two points in the services of FiNANCiE that I am most interested in. One is the superior incentive scheme designed for people who support in the early stage. The other is being a platform where everyone can get the necessary support needed to pursue their dreams.”