Fintech app Lydia launches premium tier with added financial services

LydiaFrench fintech startup Lydia has launched a hub with a range of new financial products, along with a premium tier for users that want to access these features.

According to the company, it is focused on creating a “meta-banking app”, which provides access to a selection of financial products from within its app.

One of the new features is the introduction of an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) menu, where users can add new recipients using an IBAN account, reports TechCrunch. The app also asks users if they want to add specific IBANs to their own bank accounts.

On top of this, users can send money to their recipient using money from the Lydia e-wallet or from one of their own bank accounts, without having to open up their banking app. And there is support for recurring transactions.

The final new feature gives users an overview of multiple accounts, meaning they can see their bank account and their Lydia sub-accounts from with the app.

All the above features are available through the new Lydia Premium subscription. It will cost users €2.99 (£2.62) per month.

With a free account, users are still able to link one bank account, create one recurring payment, and generate one virtual card, among other things – so, free users aren’t missing out entirely.