Firefly partners with AccuWeather for weather-triggered ads

Firefly, which operates a media network on taxi and rideshare vehicles, has launched an integration with weather forecasting company AccuWeather that will deliver weather-based dynamic content triggers to Firefly’s platform. Alongside the new partnership, the company is also expanding operations to the streets of Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas.

Firefly delivers ad campaigns using geo-targeted technology on taxis, rideshare and last-mile delivery vehicles. Advertiser clients include Puma, HotelTonight, Brex and DoorDash. The company expects to reach a total of over 600m impressions per month through the end of the year.

AccuWeather will deliver dynamic campaigns through Firefly in all of its existing markets. The screens, which are already programmable based on driver routes, area demographics, traffic patterns and time-of-day, will now bring creative that shifts based on real-time weather conditions to hubs including New York City and San Francisco.