Firefox brings its ad-free mobile web browser to Android

Tyrone Stewart

Firefox FocusFirefox has launched its Focus private mobile web browser on Android, after releasing it to iPhone and iPad users last year.

Firefox Focus focuses on privacy while browsing. It enables users to browse the web without being followed by tracking ads, which are blocked by default to ensure a faster, more private browsing experience. It is also free of tabs, and ensures that sessions can be erased with a tap of the screen.

The Android version will also see the introduction of new features not seen on the iOS edition. These features include an ad tracker counter, which lists the number of ads blocked per site; a disable tracker blocker, enabling users to disable the tracker blocker if sites are not loading correctly; and a notification reminder to let the user know Focus is running in the background.

“For Android users, we also made Focus a great default browser experience,” said Barbara Bermes, product manager at Firefox Mobile, in a blog post. “Since we support both custom tabs and the ability to disable the ad blocking as needed, it works great with apps like Facebook when you just want to read an article without being tracked. We built Focus to empower you on the mobile web, and we will continue to introduce new features that make our products even better.”