Firefox OS Will Update Each Quarter

Mozilla has announced that it plans to release feature updates for its Firefox mobile OS every quarter, supported by security updates for the previous two feature releases every six weeks.

“As far as I know, that’s the most aggressive mobile OS release strategy out there,” said Alex Keybl, manager of release management at Mozilla. Its an ambitious plan, and Kebyl admits the schedule “may still require some tweaking”.

Its another way the open-source OS is setting itself apart from its big rivals – Apple releases a new version of iOS every year or so, while Android hasnt seen a major update since November last year.

v1.0 of Firefox OS is currently available on a limited basis. The very first handsets became commercially available in Spain at the start of the month, with Telefónica releasing the ZTE Open, remarkably priced at just €69 – including €30 of preloaded credit.