First Hop Solution Targets Existing Subscribers

First Hop, which describes itself as a mobile service control expert, has launched its Intelligent Promotion Solution, and announced that it has already been deployed by five mobile operators in Europe and Asia. The Intelligent Service Promotion Solution gives mobile operators the ability to drive additional premium service revenues from its existing subscriber base, says First Hop. It enables operators to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and launch targeted or personalised usage-stimulating campaigns.
The Intelligent Promotion Solution will broaden the subscriber usage of premium rate services by highlighting relevant new services, or associated complementary services based on the individual service usage history, says First Hop. The company says the solution will help to convert infrequent value-added service users into heavy users, or offer new, related service to already active value-added service users.
The flexibility offered by the Intelligent Promotion Solution allows operators to design and launch highly targeted campaigns by leveraging the usage data warehouse and combining it with user profile information. Operators can supplant this knowledge by breaking down their subscriber database into specific customer segments. The solution gives the operator the ability to target the smallest niche group or even a single individual.
This intelligent approach will eliminate the negative experience customers feel when they receive spam from their operator or service provider. By developing campaigns that target specific segments with appropriate services and promotions, the operators, says First Hop, can avoid using the hit-and-miss tactics associated with mass marketing.
There is a lot of untapped potential to boost premium services revenues by active farming of the subscriber base says First Hop CEO Timo T. Laaksonen. Intelligent, relevant and targeted promotion, based on individual usage patterns, gives immediate business results. To accomplish this efficiently, operators need the technology and analytics to match each subscriber segment with the most appropriate proposition. First Hop combines its expertise in developing service delivery platforms with best practices on mobile service promotion to help operators and content providers to continue to drive the value of their mobile services.”