First-Time Smartphone Buyers Favour Android

Mobile data analysis company Neurailtic has reported that 85 per cent of first-time smartphone buyers choose Android handsets. The companys SevenFlow mobile data intelligence (MDI) solution also suggests that 50 per cent of Android users are stepping up from a feature phone, as opposed to 27 per cent of iPhone users. 

“Knowing that the majority of Android devices have lower price points than the iPhone, this data seems to indicate that Android devices make a natural step for first-time smartphone adopters and price-sensitive subscribers,” says the company in a blog post. 

However, iPhone users appear to be more in tune with apps, according to Neuralitic. Penetration for iPhone apps has reached 94 per cent, with subscribers using an average of 2.1 apps per day. 82 per cent of Android users report using apps, although this figure is rising at an average of 2 per cent per month. 

“For mobile operators looking to accelerate conversions from feature phone to smartphone, this new data suggests using a simple rule to follow for marketing campaigns: target non-business feature phone subscribers with Android offers,” says Neuralitic. 

The company reported the figures in the first post on a new analytics blog, which can be found here.