Five examples of outstanding PC to mobile game ports

Benjamin Morsell offers his take on five PC games that have successfully made the transition to mobile.

In the past 30-40 years, we had the chance to enjoy so many amazing games made for PC. Some amazingly creative minds and outstanding developers made games that filled our young lives with joy. Today, when we’re probably old enough to fondly remember those times, we have less time to try new adventures and releases.

Often we’d like to wear those rose-tinted glasses again and relieve some of the most spectacular old PC games we used to play. There’s no chance for an all-nighter again but we can do it for an hour or so on our smartphones!

Some game developers and publishers made astonishingly good ports for their PC games. They are available on your device, so you might want to try them again. In this article, we’re sharing five amazing examples ported so well that you’ll be thrilled to play them again. See if you find your favorite and download it.

1. Doom
Back in 1993, the first Doom game was released for MS-DOS, and now, nearly 30 years later, you can play it on your smartphone or mobile. The port was made so good that you’ll have a full experience shooting down enemies like you’re the child you were in the 1990s.
If you loved playing Doom in the past, you’d surely enjoy this amazing port. The company behind the game is still dedicated to maintaining the Doom brand. They made significant changes to adapt it for mobile, including additional levels to enrich your gaming experience.

2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is probably the best card game ever invented. Coming from the gaming giants Blizzard, this game is one that many generations used to enjoy.
It is now available for Android and iOS, so if you feel like playing it again it’s there for you. The entire free-to-play experience is there, and you can be sure that you’ll fight to turn it off and go back to your long-due tasks.

3. Kingdom: Two Crowns
This RawFury Games 2D classic is perfect and simple to be transported from PC into the mobile world. The game hero is controlled by two buttons going left and right, so it isn’t complicated to make it work on your smartphone or tablet.

It is available for both Android and iOS. The gameplay is the same, and the experience is nothing different than on PC. You might even enjoy it more because you’re holding the screen closer to you and feel a bit better experience.

4. Minecraft
Is there a need for an introduction to Minecraft? The game that everyone played at least once in their lives is now available on Android, iOS, Windows phones, and Xperia. Building your own world used to be so exciting on this game, and now you can do it again on your tablet or mobile.
Of course, you can’t match the simplicity of the keyboard that was helpful in PC gaming, but the smartphone will give you a simpler scrolling, and when you adjust to the new type of buttons, you’ll surely have a lot of fun.

5. Baldur’s Gate II
This RPG game is 20 years old now. It’s still one of the best of its kind, and playing on your smartphone will be epic. It will even be better on a tablet because you’ll see the characters better, and you can give orders without missing the icons.
If you love RPGs, you’ll love smartphone gaming. The entire gaming experience is amazing. The simplicity of moving through the map and the easy-to-zoom feature is even better than playing on a PC. 

PC games used to dominate back in the day. That’s why many gamers are keen on finding their favorites available for download on their smartphone. If you feel like you have time for gaming again, you can check for the best PC games deals.

Only some PC games enjoy mobile ports. Most popular games are not available for mobile, but the online gaming forums always have raging debates about which ones should be transformed next, so take part in the discussions and ask for your favorites.