Flash Networks Reports Optimisation Results

Mobile internet solutions company Flash Networks has announced that it has achieved a 30 per cent reduction in data throughput in live tests of its Web & Media Optimization solution. 

The test, which was an experiment carried out on a European operators HSDPA network, found that Flash Networks Web & Media Optimization solution reduced cell power consumption by 25 per cent, throughput by 30 per cent, timeslot usage by 20 per cent, and code shortage by 30 per cent. The company also says the solution freed-up 40 per cent of bandwidth on a fully-utilised cell.

“We are encouraged by the results of this experiment as they demonstrate the dramatic effect of optimisation on radio resources,” says Merav Bahat, VP of marketing and business development at Flash Networks. “By implementing web and video optimisation, operators can minimise their need to invest in additional radio infrastructure and power, while providing their subscribers with the best possible user experience.”