Flipboard App Update Introduces Smart Magazines

Flipboard 4.0 UpdateNews aggregator Flipboard has released the latest update of its app – introducing Smart Magazines, that are automatically filled feeds with content relevant to a person’s specific interests.

The introduction of Smart Magazines enables people to create a personalised feed filled with news ‘meaningful to their work, life or hobbies’. Flipboard says it has indexed millions of RSS feeds and billions of articles shared by its community, through its topic classifier, to ‘achieve diversity and depth in thousands of passions’. Smart Magazines will also feature the Tweets of thought leaders, within topics, amongst the news content.

“The new Flipboard is all about helping people discover great stories curated by people who share a passion, including editors, influencers and fellow enthusiasts,” said Mike McCue, Flipboards CEO. “Smart Magazines represent a major breakthrough in how content can be personalised, curated and organised by passion, enabling us to take a new and important step toward our vision of modernising the magazine experience for a mobile, social world.”

In addition to the introduction of Smart Magazines, Flipboard has introduced several other features including a ‘swipe through’ home carousel, social actions, Passion Picker, and more.