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Flipboard Launches Video Ads

Alex Spencer

[caption id="attachment_47590" align="alignleft" width="241"]Flipbook Universal Pictures is one of Flipboard's brand partners for the launch, promoting its forthcoming film Fury[/caption]

Flipboard has introduced video advertising to its magazine app.

The video ads are initially launching with eight brands, including Gucci, Sony Pictures, Jack Daniels, Lufthansa and Chrysler, before a wider roll out on 1 November.

Advertisers will be able to include video content in Flipboard's existing full-page ads, accessed via a play button. This doesn't cost any more than a normal display ads, though there is a minimum spend for a campaign.

“Study after study shows the enormous growth of video on mobile devices, and that video shows strong consumer engagement,” said Christine Cook, head of advertising at Flipboard. “This trend makes mobile video advertising critical for brands and is the perfect time for Flipboard to offer it to our advertisers.”