Flirt-words Are Go

Mobile and online dating service Flirtomatic has announced the launch of its Flirt-word service. The new service gives users the opportunity to buy the rights to a certain word for a 24-hour period, giving them the chance to be hot, cool, London or anything else for the day.  
For the last six weeks, Flirtomatic has given users the ability to profile search, generating over a million Flirt-word searches. Now its expanding the search by giving users to chance to buy targeted exposure and attach themselves to a word in order to be found quicker by other users.
Buying a word makes users appear at the top of every search of that specific word, much in the same way as a sponsored link appears at the top of results in any of the major search engines on the web. For example John might buy the exclusivity to the word London and if anyone performed a search on Flirtomatic for the word London John would appear at the top of the search results for 24 hours.
Noting that some words are going to be more popular than others and to account for this, Flirtomatic has built an automated pricing adjustment system.The price of words will be calculated on a day-to-day basis in relation to customer demand. So the most sought after words should naturally move to a higher price point. In addition, the Flirt-words service will automatically produce banners promoting users and their exclusive word across the network. For example one could read Look whos hot today.
We know that users love to advertise themselves on the site and the Flirt-words service gives them a new and targeted way to get instant exposure, says Flirtomatic CEO, Mark Curtis. Think of it as Google Adwords for the flirtatious.
Its an extremely interesting experiment for us, and as the majority of our users seem to realise the value of screen real-estate on mobile, it seemed like a natural progression in profile search capability. Its a simple concept over perhaps a bidding system, but lets see what our users think of it.