Flirtfinder Sees Traffic Surge

FlirtFinder, the mobile dating brand owned by mobile content firm Isomob, says it has seen traffic on its mobile site rise by 60% since October, thanks partly to changes made by mobile operators, along with the implementation of web Payforit.
According to Isomob, the average paying member now sends 15 PayForIt billed messages a month. Half of the members that have joined the service since it launched in 2008 are still actively using the service today. The average member visits the service 27 times and more than half of those visits result in chargeable message credits being spent. And an average visit to the service will result in 18 pages being viewed, equating to 486 pages viewed per member.
These numbers are very encouraging, especially for a premium, rather than a free or ad-funded service, says
Managing Director Justin Battell. When we looked at the user trends, we discovered that every member joining the service generated more revenue than the last.  As the database grew, the number of possible connections increased, and that meant more opportunities for chargeable interaction. The next phase of development will result in a faster user experience, with more functionality and options accessed directly off the home page. We are also adding more innovative and fun things to do on the service, focusing on creating those all-important connections between members.