Flirto Clocks Up 70 Per Cent Conversion Rate On GetJar

GetJar has revealed that Flirtomatic has achieved a 70 per cent conversion rate using GetJar’s Pay-Per-Download (PPD) solution. Flirtomatic has achieved almost 1m downloads to date, and has also enjoyed success with Flirtomatics Android app, which launched in June. During that month, GetJar generated 12 per cent of all downloads for the Android app while in July, the figure was 19 per cent of all downloads.

After initially building its community through mobile operators and the web, Flirtomatic wanted to expand its reach on mobile and began working with GetJar in November 2009 to achieve that goal.

“Flirtomatic has been able to target customers across many countries, devices and operating systems because of GetJar’s massive user base, coupled with its comprehensive app distribution platform,” says Flirtomatic marketing manager, Danielle Morgan. “By gaining maximum distribution with no barriers to entry, Flirtomatic is now optimizing its campaigns more effectively with GetJar’s Pay-Per-Download (PPD) solution. With a clearly defined cost per user acquisition, GetJar’s PPD solution made it easy for us to get a consistently positive return on our investment.”

PPD also gives developers access to an analytics package that allows them to measure ROI and see the amount of downloads by operator, device, country and operator. GetJar also enables developers to measure the conversion rate of mobile downloads to users across all open platforms.