Flirtomatic Flabbergasted by Survey Response

Mobile and online flirting service Flirtomatic has announced the results of a recent mobile survey it conducted with its users. Over 5,800 users responded to the survey and 87% of them completed the 10 questions, two of which asked for free-text responses. The responses to these two free-text questions generated 170 pages of A4.
The survey showed that mobile users are becoming increasingly savvy about using their mobile phone and mobile web browser. 56% of respondents said that they use bookmarking in order to return to Flirtomatic, a figure the company says is higher than it expected.
When asked: Which best describes your Internet connection at home? 84% of users said they usually use their phone to connect to the web. Flirtomatic CEO Mark Curtis says:
Were stunned at the response by mobile users to a survey that needed to be filled in on a small mobile phone screen. We honestly expected maybe 500 responses, tops; but to get more than 10 times that is astonishing. The feedback and data weve received was very insightful on what our users think were doing well and also, perhaps more importantly, what we need to improve on. Were working on these improvements and will release the first of them before the new-year.
One thing weve seen from the results of the survey is that its obvious that the phone is becoming more and more of a viral medium. 38% of users have already invited their friends to join Flirtomatic and a further 57% are considering it. The success of the survey suggests a number of different options we could take for the future along similar lines; it could have great potential for advertisers now that we have passed the 1 million user mark.