Flirtomatic Hits a Million

David Murphy

Mobile and online flirting service Flirtomatic has revealed that it now has over 1 million registered users, mostly based in the UK. More than half of these are mobile users. The user numbers represent an increase of almost 350% in the past 18 months. In February 2007, Flirtomatic had just 225,000 registered users.
In July of this year, Flirtomatic expanded into Germany, and the company says revenues have grown by 475% since August 2007. The growth is proof, says Flirtomatic, that mobile social networks are starting to emerge and challenge their online counterparts. More importantly, it adds, it's evidence that money can and is being made from mobile, which has been a key element missing from online social networks.
Having more than a million registered users is a fantastic milestone for us, says Flirtomatic CEO, Mark Curtis. With over half of those users being mobile specific, it demonstrates Flirtomatic's appeal to users who want social networking wherever they are and (who) will only use services that offer them an innovative and entertaining experience. We'll continue to be fresh and develop the service further to attract new users and keep our existing users coming back for more.