Flirtomatic Reveals US Usage Figures

Mobile and online flirting service Flirtomatic has revealed some of the initial patterns it has been seeing since its US launch in earlier this year. 
Flirtomatics US push began in February, and since then, it says, numbers have been growing strongly from an initial test marketing push, giving clear evidence that demand is there. Users in the US are logging into the service over five times, and sending 26 messages, daily. Both stats, the company says, are surprisingly similar to the UK user stats, given the early stage of the service there, and overall user numbers. Anecdotally, it adds, it seems that people in the US love flirting with Brits and vice versa, which is delivering critical mass earlier than expected. Also so far, 36% of US users are enjoying Flirtomatic on an iPhone.
As part of Flirtomatic's push forward, the company is aiming to build long-term, profitable relationships with US operators. To this end, it has hired Gary Cohen to cultivate the growth of the service in the country, and establish Flirtomatic with US operators.
Cohen has spent 14 years of his career with US mobile network operators, including US West Cellular (now Verizon Wireless) and AT&T Mobility, building high performance sales teams, opening new markets and innovative channels of distribution.