Flirtomatic Updates iOS App with Time Travel Flirting

Flirtomatic, the online and mobile flirting service, has updated its iPhone app with new location features, and new advertising support.

The new version of theapp is set up to accept advertising and all rich media formats, including geo-location targeted advertising, according to the company.

The new location features are billed as Globalised Time Travel Flirting. The app now lets you edit your location, so that you can flirt with people in the past (such as the town where you grew up), or the future (such as the town youre visiting at the weekend). 

The app also allows you to use the GPS on your phone to find people locally to flirt with, and while the new time travel feature is essentially the ability to edit your current location, head of product Mark Barlow says its a way to spread your flirting wings a little wider. 

“Location has certainly taken centre stage with the advent of the new iPhone application. Were introducing a new flirting and dating experience that helps our users find matches in several different places at once, blurring the boundaries between the past, present and future,” he says. “Users can cherry-pick places they want to check out, above and beyond where they are right now.”

Other new tools in Flirtomatic 2.0 include a new PULSE dashboard. This uses real-time updates and notifications to allow members to find out how many messages their favourite flirt has sent, whos in their area, whos rated them, whos looked at their profile, and when their contacts are online. It also lets the user view daily messaging trends.

“Weve recognised our customers desire to track the attention they receive and compare their success with others,” says Barlow. 

An Android version is due in May.