There's now a chatbot therapist to help treat depression

Tyrone Stewart

Flow chatbot therapist app debuted to help treat depressionA chatbot therapist app has been launched to help treat the growing number of people suffering from depression.

The app, called ‘Flow’, was developed by Malmö-based medical device company Flow Neuroscience with an eye on helping people struggling with their mental health during the long waits they often have to see a doctor after their first appointment. Developed by clinical psychologists and machine learning experts, it engages users with daily chat conversations and offers self-help techniques, mood tracking, curated videos, meditation, and mental exercises.

“Accessibility and early intervention in depression is crucial,” says Daniel Mansson, clinical psychologist, CEO and co-founder of Flow. “The ‘always-on’ source of therapy provided by Flow ensures people get the help they need as quickly as possible. Flow can provide anonymity without the fear of being judged by others. This is great as some people feel anxious when it comes to talking about their depression to another human.”

The chatbot therapist is available to download for free on iOS and will be launched on Android next month.

Flow also has a brain stimulation headset treatment for depression, which retails at £399. The company is in talks with the NHS about making the headset available on prescription.