Flowd Updates Music Fan Apps

Flowd, the social network aimed at music lovers, has updated its apps and website with artist-following features. Fans can now receive updates on their favourite artists news, music, photos, videos and upcoming gigs through the networks website and mobile apps. 

The iOS and Android apps also have a new mobile-specific feature – fans can showcase the music that theyre listening to at any given time to other Flowd users and friends on other social networks via the apps. 

When a user turns on this feature, Flowd scans the mobile device to find out what music is currently being played (or if nothing is being played, then what the last track played was) and then pulls this as a shout-out within Flowd. This shout-out can then be cross-posted onto Facebook and Twitter with a direct link for friends and followers to check out the track on iTunes (for iPhone) or 7digital (for Android).

Other new features include an intelligent gig calendar, which is populated by artists input on their own profiles as well as data imported through APIs from last.fm. Users can filter the calendar by date and location.