Flurry: Google Dominates Mobile Ad Spend, Just 18 Per Cent of Time Spend

Flurry CategoriesThe average US consumer spends 162 minutes (2 hours, 42 minutes) per day on their mobile device, according to data collected by Flurry between January and March 2014 – an increase of four minutes from last year.

Of that time, 86 per cent (or 139 minutes) is spent using non-browser apps. Just 14 per cent (22 minutes) is spent browsing the web, down from 20 per cent in 2013.

Notably, this means that Facebooks apps by themselves – which including Instagram account for 17 per cent, or 27.5 minutes per day – actually command a higher share than the entirety of the mobile web.

The largest category overall is mobile games, with 32 per cent of the daily time spend, followed by social and messaging apps, which have increased their share from 24 per cent last year to 28 per cent.

Flurry Ad SpendAd vs time spend
How does ad spend line up with these findings?

Facebooks share of overall mobile ad revenues stood at 17.5 per cent at the end of 2013, according to eMarketer figures – almost exactly in line with its time spend.

Elsewhere, however, theres an imbalance. Flurry believes Googles app presence – which includes YouTube and browser time on sites monetised by Google – accounts for around 18 per cent, compared to a staggering 49.3 per cent of mobile ad revenues in 2013.

That leaves the 65.3 per cent of time spent in other apps, which currently only make up 32 per cent of revenues. This is a major imbalance – but taking a more optimistic view, its also a great opportunity as the market grows.