Flurry Launches RTB Exchange for App Advertising

Flurry has launched an RTB exchange for advertisers to make automated, auction-style bids on pre-packaged app audiences.

The Marketplace uses Flurrys data, which they say comes from 1bn smartphones and tablets running 300,000 apps, to help publishers bundle and sell audiences to demand-side platforms and ad agencies.

App users are split into five verticals: business, travel, entertainment, lifestyle and shopping by Flurry Personas. They are then further segmented so advertisers can more specifically target groups like  small business owners, leisure travellers, or singles. Advertisers can also bid on or avoid specific apps and app categories.

“Despite big data advances, app publishers continue to sell inventory undervalued and blind because programmatic buyers don’t yet have a platform that overcomes publisher fragmentation and provides quality audience data in order to improve buying decisions,” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and CEO. “Flurry Marketplace aggregates and enriches advertising inventory from thousands of applications with relevant, granular audience data.”