US Mobile Usage Increases by 43 Minutes a Day, But Gaming Plummets

Alex Spencer

[caption id="attachment_93224" align="alignleft" width="300"]How mobile usage breaks down by activity - click to see full size How mobile usage breaks down by activity - click to see full size[/caption]

The average American spent three hours and 40 minutes per day on mobile devices during Q2 2015, according to a Flurry report. That's a year-on-year increase of 35 per cent, or 43 whole extra minutes.

Just 10 per cent of that time is spent browsing the mobile web, with the remaining 90 per cent being spent in-app.

Facebook alone accounts for 19 per cent of time on mobile. All messaging and social apps combined account for 31 per cent, or 45 minutes per day – by far the biggest share held by any type of app, a finding which is line with yesterday's IAB UK report.

Perhaps the biggest shake-up in the report, however, is the decline in time spent playing mobile games. In Q2 2014, the average person spent 52 minutes a day gaming – 32 per cent of the total.

This year, that has dropped to 33 minutes – just 15 per cent. Flurry attributes this decline to a lack of new big hits in this space over the past nine months, but also a growth in in-app purchases, meaning players spend less time 'grinding' for rewards.