Flying Flowers launches "bee-tirement" home campaign to highlight the need to protect bees

David Murphy

Flowers by post brand Flying Flowers has launched the world’s first “bee-tirement” home to encourage the UK to act now to protect bees in its latest cross-channel campaign.

The campaign is running across Instagram and Facebook through both organic and paid strategies and promoted through digital PR as a brand awareness piece.

The bee-tirement home has been promoted using a hero video touring the purpose-built mini home,  which features a sugar water fountain to avoid “bee-hydration”; “Zzzimmer” frames; recreational areas full of the most pollen-filled and beautiful flowe; and a Royal Quarter, so that the hibernating Queen bees will experience no loss of luxury upon their visits.

“At Flying Flowers, bees are vital to our livelihoods and passions, and to the ecosystem, we live in, said Flying Flowers’ Sandra Varley. “The world would be a very different place without the help of these little creatures, so we wanted to do all we can to help protect them. We could think of no better way than by creating the Honeysuckle ‘Bee-tirement’ home to capture the nation’s attention.”

The campaign follows A recent study by biologists at the National University of Comahue which found that a quarter of all known bee species have not been seen in 30 years. In addition to creating hone, bees pollinate most of the fruit and vegetables grown in the UK, and without them, it would cost UK farmers an estimated £1.8bn a year to pollinate their crops.