Flytxt Launches mADmart Mobile Ad Marketplace

Mobile marketing firm Flytxt has launched mADmart, a mobile advertising marketplace for mobile operators, launching initially in Bangladesh. Using mAdMart, operators in the country can target their customers with advertising via a variety of channels, including their mobile web properties,  SMS, MMS, USSD, ringback tones, sponsored calls and apps, as well as more complex channels such as in-bill and in-video touchpoints. The first operator to sign up for the service is Robi Axiata.

mADmart is powered by a patent-pending mobile advertising technology platform called QREDA. This was originally launched in January 2011, with a view to enabling operators to monetise their own inventory. But speaking exclusively to Mobile Marketing this afternoon, Abhay Doshi, VP, product management and marketing at Flytxt, said it became clear that operators did not have the skillsets or the resources to go out and sell their inventory to advertisers and agencies. The launch of mADmart sees Flytxt assuming responsibility for this role, in return for a share of the revenues.

“We leverage data available with operators to create personas reflecting demographic, psychographic, sociographic and behavioural profiles that can be utilized by advertisers to run precisely micro-segmented campaigns, honouring subscriber’s preference, privacy and permission,” said Doshi.

He also told us that Flytxt has plans to launch the service in other countries in the AsiaPac and Middle East regions, and that it is also seeing interest from one N. American operator. Additionally, the company plans to bring in ‘OTT’ inventory too. “If you have a newspaper who currently sells its inventory to a blind ad network, we believe we can do a much better job, because we can use our data capabilities to target the ads much more precisely to the user’s interests, using non personally-identifiable information,” Doshi said. 

In addition to offering a wide range of ad inventory and precise consumer insights, Flytxt says the flexibility of the platform gives a compelling proposition for both ‘long tail’ and better-known brands to advertise through mADmart, compared to other digital and offline media channels.

“We are delighted to bring this unique mobile ad marketplace to market,” said Flytxt CEO, Dr. Vinod Vasudevan. “Operators can now unlock a new revenue stream by offering consumer insights and multichannel engagement opportunities for brands and agencies.”

Touching upon the company’s experience in running data-driven targeted marketing campaigns for operators, he added: “Our customers get around 2 to 50 times higher conversions with precisely targeted marketing, compared to ‘carpet-bombing’ campaigns, and we expect the brands to now benefit from this precise targeting in their ad campaigns too.”

There’s more information about mADmart here.

David Murphy writes:

And so the reinvention of Flytxt continues. The company was one of the earliest mobile marketing agencies in the game. Then in May 2007, it looked like the end of an era, as the company sold its agency business to Buongiorno to focus on its Neon mobile marketing platform. This enables mobile operators, to target consumers via a plethora of mobile channels with their own offers, for talk time, texts, data bundles and whatever else they have to sell.

mADmart is in many ways a logical next step, enabling operators to open up access to their inventory to third-party advertisers. Flytxt originally thought operators could manage this process themselves, as they do when using its Neon platform. But with that not working out, it has now taken matters into its own hands, with the launch of mADmart.

Given Flytxt’s pedigree, and the quality of its technology, don’t be surprised if mADmart, as the company plans, extends beyond its initial proving ground of AsiaPac and the Middle East. Don’t be surprised either if it comes to present a challenge to the longer-established mobile ad networks.