Ford creates virtual test drive experience for Explorer SUV launch

Car maker Ford has launched a virtual test drive experience for the launch of its new, all-electric Explorer SUV, Ford’s first volume passenger electric car designed and built in Europe.  

The experience was created by experience design company, Imagination, and Digital Salmon, which flipped the traditional in-person car reveal on its head and produced a virtual event for the unveiling of the new car.

Powered by the gaming platform, Unreal Engine, the event harnessed pixel streaming technology that allows users to interact with the car in a digital environment.

The launch took place in three stages. The first part was a seven-minute virtual reveal of the new car on 21 March, live on LinkedIn, featuring photoreal CGI content and starring Lexie Alford aka Lexie Limitless – the youngest person to travel to every country in the world.  Viewers were then offered an immersive virtual test drive, on desktop or mobile, then following the LinkedIn event, a social campaign kicked in.

“The reveal of the new electric Explorer SUV is a milestone moment in our journey to an all-electric future in Europe, featuring cutting-edge Hollywood-style CGI and a pixel-streamed virtual test drive,” said Peter Zillig, Marketing Director, Ford in Europe. “It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for us to create meaningful connections with potential customers.”