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Formula One forms global advertising partnership with Inskin

Tyrone Stewart

Formula One F1 Inskin MediaThe world’s most popular motorsport competition, Formula One (F1), has penned a deal with Inskin Media to bring its Pageskin ad formats to

F1 will run Pageskins – which are high-impact HTML5 formats, which act as a frame around a page’s content – across its site in the UK before extending them to markets around the world, including Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the US. The motorsport organisation will make use of Inskin Creator, which enables people to create Pageskins without any prior coding experience.

“Our digital ambition is to provide powerful, immersive and unforgettable experiences for our dedicated legion of fans – and this spans right through to their experience with online ads. Inskin compliments this exactly, a premium network bringing creative and flawless delivery of ads, plus a brand-new source of revenue,” said Frank Arthofer, director of digital and licensing at F1.

The ad formats will initially only be available on desktop, but they can be expected to go live on smartphones ‘in the near future’.

“We pride ourselves on working with the world’s best publishers and F1 is no exception. This is a hugely exciting partnership which ultimately provides a powerful platform for advertisers to reach, and get the attention of, a vast and passionate audience across the globe,” said Alex Barstow, head of UK publishers at Inskin Media.