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Forrester: 50 per cent of all EU-7 online sales via mobile by 2021

David Murphy

The mobile and tablet commerce market in EU-7 is expected to reach €248bn (£228bn) in sales in 2022, an increase from €120bn in 2017, according to the latest analysis from Forrester. The analyst also expects 47 per cent of online sales in retail and travel to take place via mobile and tablet by 2022.

Across all sectors, 50 per cent of online sales will be via mobile or tablet by 2021. A rise in large-screen smartphones and a slowdown in tablet sales will cause smartphones to surpass tablets in commerce by next year.

The UK accounts for 45 per cent of the EU-7 mobile and tablet commerce market: The UK will also be the first market where mobile and tablet commerce will surpass desktop sales, in 2019. Fashion items account for 30 per cent of mobile and tablet retail sales. Forrester expects these products to grow by 20 per cent annually over the next five years, and capture approximately 35 per cent of the market by 2022.