Forrester: Apple Pay Must Create Trust Among UK Consumers

David Murphy

Apple Pay27 per cent of UK online consumers who use an iPhone would trust Apple to provide a mobile digital wallet but they are still more likely to trust PayPal (43 per cent), a bank (41 per cent), a credit card network (40 per cent), and Amazon (32 per cent), according to new data from Forrester.

The stats come from a blog post from Forrester analyst Thomas Husson, in which he explains why he believes Apple Pay adoption in the UK will be faster than in the US. This does not mean, however, that Apple Pay will scale quickly.

"Apple still has to demonstrate the added value it will bring to merchants (better experience, faster checkout, incremental revenues, etc.) and brands," Husson writes in the post. "Also, Apple needs to create trust among UK consumers. They managed to do so in the US and no doubt trust will increase with the backing of the main banks (except Barclays)."

You can read more of Husson’s thoughts around the launch of Apple Pay here.