Forrester Study Highlights Mobile Analytics Failings

Just 46 per cent of eBusiness professional surveyed in a new global Forrester study have implemented a mobile analytics solution – well short of the 60 per cent  who have defined mobile objectives and the 58 per cent with mobile key performance metrics.

“Low expectations of what mobile services can do for brands have a ripple effect through enterprises,” notes Forrester analyst Julie Ask in her new research. “And tragically, delivering relevant information and mobile services to consumers relies upon insights gleaned from analysis of contextual information, which most eBusiness professionals are not yet actively tracking.”

Additionally, the research found, although too few firms have clearly defined mobile objectives, the chosen objectives tend to focus on engagement, especially in the early phases of mobile programs.

The top three objectives of survey respondents include improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer engagement, and building loyalty. According to Ask, firms should use insights gleaned from mobile analytics to drive these engagement objectives and an improved customer experience. “Superior customer experiences will drive engagement, which in turn will drive satisfaction, conversions – even non-financial conversions, such as signing up for email or text alerts – and revenue.”

There’s more information about the report here.