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Foursquare launches self-service audience segments

Alyssa Clementi

Foursquare Pinpoint, a location platform that provides data-driven media planning, activation and measurement, has announced the launch of self-service audience segments. According to Foursquare, this new update will enable users to more conveniently access Pinpoint audience segments through self-service access within The Trade Desk. Pinpoint also promises DSPs with more accurate and trustworthy data for marketers.

According to Foursquare, more than half of Ad Age’s Top 100 Leading National Advertisers are already using Pinpoint, with 93 per cent of those active Pinpoint campaigns meeting or exceeding clients’ KPI goals. Pinpoint works by tracking and collecting 450 anonymized consumer audiences who commonly shop at brick-and-mortar stores, then allows clients access to those audiences within DSP platforms. Pinpoint organizes these audience segments by categories, chains/brands, lifestyle affinities, and loyalists.

Foursquare, which has a venue database of 105m places, launched Pinpoint in 2015. MillerCoors, an alcohol brand, was given early access to the new Pinpoint audience segments and will be using the technology to enhance their 'Pre-Shop' campaign. For this specific project, MillerCoors will be focusing on convenience & on-premise classes of trade.

“We have to authentically communicate our brands’ messages with the right consumers across so many touch points; there’s no room for error,” said Brad Feinberg, vice president of media and consumer engagement at MillerCoors. “Foursquare has expert knowledge in how people move through the real world, and we are happy they are giving advertisers increased flexibility compliant with their opt-in data privacy rules. The option to transparently leverage the high-quality data through our preferred buying platforms as an integral component of our holistic media buy is what makes us so excited about this new opportunity”