Free Now and Kapten launch joint offering to rival Uber

The recently merged ride-hailing firms of Free Now and Kapten have combined their services through a single app under the Free Now brand as they seek to knock Uber off its perch in London.

Through the London-specific combination, Free Now will have more than 35,000 drivers on its app in the UK capital. Users will have access to both black cabs and private hire vehicles (PHVs) by either updating their existing Free Now app, downloading the Free Now app, or migrating to Free Now from within the Kapten app.

“The events of the past few months, and the continued return to work in London and beyond, has reinforced the importance of black cabs and private hire vehicles in getting the country moving again. As a result of COVID-19, the transport sector has changed radically and we’re seeing increased demand for personal modes of transport,” said Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager of Free Now UK, and leader of the joint business.

“We’re ideally placed to offer customers a convenient, safe and efficient means of travel, whether for work or to see friends and family. Our new, merged offering is also going to support drivers by offering a much broader passenger base and increasing the pool of customers they have access to, which will ultimately mean more business, after what has been a particularly tough time for drivers.”

Beyond black cabs and PHVs, Free Now is currently advising London boroughs and local councils on how they can implement rental e-scooters, while eying the launch of its own e-scooter service in capital in the coming months.