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Freeform launches Snapchat Lens to celebrate Women’s History Month

David Murphy

US cable channel Freeform has launched a National Lens that enables Snapchatters to transform US currency using Snap’s AR Marker technology. The Lens launched yesterday, on International Women’s Day, and will be available for the entirety of Women’s History Month.

The Freeform series that inspired the Lens, Motherland: Fort Salem, will premiere on 18 March. Set in an alternate America where witches ended their persecution 300 years ago by making a deal with the US government to fight for their country, the show is centred around core themes of female friendship and empowerment, and using the power of voice to affect change.

In selfie mode, Freeform’s National Lens will feature Snapchatters in front of an altered US flag, a nod toward the alternate US history of the show. The Lens will prompt Snapchatters to Flip Camera to Rewrite History, which will open the AR Marker tech currency experience. Then, for the show’s premiere on 18 March, Freeform will also run a National AR Lens enabling Snapchatters to trigger storm systems around them, as the witches will do in the show.

“Nothing says International Women's Day like the ability to change the face of US paper currency to feature our Motherland's own General Sarah Alder, a woman, a witch, a warrior,” said Tricia Melton, senior vice president, marketing, creative and brand at Freeform

Separately, official Lens creator Cyrene Quiamco marked International Women's Day with a new Lens called ‘Women in the News’ that celebrates iconic women who've made history.